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Facing A Storm

By Jennifer Bradley, Staff Writer

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  • Three- to six-day supply of necessary medications, along with an updated list

  • Cell phone

  • Cash or traveler’s checks

  • Emergency contact list

To-go kit

The “to-bring” list is extensive for children on any given outing, but for elderly loved ones, may be even more so. Medications, equipment, special foods and mobility aids are just a sampling of the list a caregiver should have prepared ahead of time.

  • Basic personal hygiene items

  • Extra pair of prescription glasses, if applicable

  • Change of clothing

  • Compact rain slicker

  • Good pair of walking shoes

  • Blanket or sleeping bag


Pets are also a concern when it comes to supplies. A caregiver should have a plan in place and extra bags of food stashed away.  Discuss with a loved one what to do if evacuation is necessary. Many people are resistant to leaving without their pets, but the decision may be inevitable. Make it easier by discussing the options ahead of time, preparing a loved one and preventing an even bigger disaster when they refuse to leave.

More info

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Aging, has a great checklist at Look under the heading “Emergency Preparedness.” Any local Red Cross is also a great resource. The people there will be able to say where shelters are planned for, give other ideas a caregiver may not have thought of, and help with specific needs of a loved one. There’s no question that a little planning will save time when and if the need arises.  This process doesn’t have to be life-consuming. It can be worked out, and then put away for a rainy day!


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