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Empty Refrigerators Could Equal Poor Health for Seniors

By Jennifer B. Buckley

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According to the findings, four or 31% of the patients with empty refrigerators were admitted back into the hospital four weeks following the conclusion of the assessments. Only 10 or 8% of those patients with a full fridge had to be readmitted into the hospital.

The study concludes that the adjusted risk of being admitted was increased threefold with an empty refrigerator.

The report suggests that future studies need to be completed in other settings to help determine the impact on oneís health from an empty refrigerator. However, caregivers may want to take notice of food content in their loved-oneís home. The report does not give direction as to which food products should be kept stocked up, just that the food product should not be spoiled or outdated. The Food and Drug Administrationís food pyramid is normally recommended for an adequate source of nutrition for most people, except those on special diets.


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