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Disaster Preparedness for Elder Loved Ones

By Dana Carr

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Here is a brief checklist of tasks that should be completed now. Completion of these tasks will help prepare you to effectively and efficiently handle any emergency.

    Provide the facility with in-state and out-of-state emergency contact information.

     Find out if the facility has a website where they will post information in case of a major emergency.

    Keep a current copy of your loved oneís medical requirements with you. Arrange with the doctors, pharmacy and/or facility to have at least a seven day supply of each of their medications.

     Prepare a bag that you can carry with you to the facility if the roads are out. It should contain a portion of each of the following items.

    Stock disposable rubber gloves, antibacterial gels, adult diapers, wipes, skin creams and a supply of plastic bags to dispose of any waste. Elders with special medical needs require special hygiene products.

     You should have a change of clothes for your elder family member. Many elders in facilities always wear a nightgown or very light clothing. If you need to bring them home, they will need shoes, socks, sweaters, jackets, etc.

     For dementia or Alzheimerís patients, make sure your loved one always wears their medic alert bracelet. It contains the appropriate contact and medical information. You may also want to consider putting an emergency pack in their room with all of the pertinent information about their care in writing.

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