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Diet and Nutrition Tips

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If your loved one is having motivational problems

Make the meal look appetizing on their plate. You can accent their plate with a fruit or vegetable garnish, coconut flakes or melon.

Make the dining experience pleasant for the person you are caring for. Playing soft music, lighting candles or talking to them about the dayís events while they are eating will take their minds off not feeling well.

Family Support Systems

Communicate about the status of your loved one with your family and friends. If people close to you understand what is going on they can give you more help and support. 

Bring the children to visit, unless your loved one specifically asks you not to. Visits help keep relationships whole and maintain a sense of attachment and continuity for your loved one.

Try to share the responsibility of care with other members of your family. Ask if your relative can take your loved one to some of their regular appointments.

Plan family time together. You can have a potluck where each person brings something and you can enjoy family time together.


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