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Coaxing Spring

By: Jennifer Cleveland

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Spring via Aromatherapy
Instead of the common ‘comfort’ scents such as cinnamon, apple pie and vanilla, why not infuse the air with the smells of summertime? Coconut, citrus, lilac, cucumber and melon can remind us of the beach or backyard. (I’m still waiting for a candle that smells like grass clippings.)

Our Feathered Friends
Install a bird feeder or hang suet balls from a tree or similar spot, preferably near a window that you can see out easily. The most basic “suet” ball is a pinecone slathered in peanut butter and rolled in birdseed. Before long, the winter birds will congregate and entertain with their lively spirit and cheerful song.  Note: Invest in that squirrel-proof feeder – the birds will thank you with their frequent presence.

Another option is to change your view of winter altogether. Living in colder regions of the country is to be blessed with a dramatic change of seasons; and when you decide to, you can find beauty in the soft snowflakes, bare branches on a canvas of white, or the good fortune of a cozy house on a winter’s evening.  You can begin to see how this seasonal cycle parallels your own experience, and how this quiet, barren period is promise of an exuberant springtime.


Jennifer Cleveland is a Patient Navigator for the American Cancer Society-Ohio Division. She has been providing resources, information and support to cancer survivors, their families and caregivers since 2001.


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