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From Chaos to Calm - Decision Making in Time of Crisis

By Linda Thompson

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But had I panicked and called 911, she would now be hospitalized and subject to a very undignified and degrading process. That will not happen in our family. But it could happen to you if you are not educated, informed, and emotionally prepared to follow the previously determined wishes of your loved one.

There are 78 million of us Baby Boomers waiting in the wings and none of us are getting any younger. Isnít it time you start planning for end of life realities? Donít put the burden on your family and friends to make choices for you. Know your and their rights. Know what things need to be in place. Make sure your wishes are in writing and that a family member, trusted advisor or friend knows what those wishes are. If you havenít already done so, now is the time to talk with your family and start the planning process. Itís not easy, not comfortable, and certainly not a fun conversation, but it could be the greatest gift you will ever give. Once your plans are in place, get on with life, knowing you are prepared for the eventuality of end of life. You and your family will have a sense of security, balance and peace of mind. You should know that decisions made in time of emotional crisis are almost always regretted later. Donít, as Scarlett OíHara in Gone With the Wind used to say, ďThink about it tomorrow.Ē Your tomorrow is here today; do something!


Linda Thompson is founder and President of Life Path Solutions, specializing in intellectual wellness. She is author of Planning for Tomorrow, Your Passport to a Confident Future, a common sense approach to life planning. Linda can be reached through her Web site


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