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Bathing Sparky

By Gwendolyn deGeest, RN,BSN,MA

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Interview with Peterís caregiver follows:

What seems to be the main obstacles in giving Peter his bath?

Just about everything. Peter doesnít like taking his clothes off. He doesnít like having his hair washed, and he doesnít like getting wet. Then when the bath is finished, Peter wants to put the same clothes right back on. He gets really angry with us if we try to persuade him.

What have you tried so far?

We no longer wash Peterís hair on bath day. Rather, his hair is shampooed in the salon where the hair cuts are done. Also, the girls on the last shift lay out fresh clothing for Peter in the morning, so the clothes Peter insists on putting on following the bath are clean.

How is this working?

Good. Peter is far less agitated.

I understand Peter has a dog, Sparky. Does Peter ever talk about his dog?

To be honest, I didnít know that Peter even had a dog. That is really good information for us. Maybe we can ask the family to bring the dog in for a visit.

Thatís a great idea; Peter would love that. Also, does Peter ever speak of the days he worked in the lumber camps?

Yes, now that you mention it, Peter loves to reminisce about those days. Heís told me he feels lucky that he didnít lose a finger when he was working in the lumber camps. And he says, ďThose were the best days of my life.Ē

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