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Balance – Fall Prevention
What does it mean and what can be done about it?

By Lori Peppi Michiel

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Physical action and thought assists in balance:

  • Take a bigger stride when walking.
  • If using a walker, try placing the walker a little further out, then step. Using this method helps because you are staying on one foot longer each time you trade feet to walk.
  • Try standing about three feet from a wall and slowly lean toward the wall; before you hit the wall, bring your hands out in front to catch yourself. (Pushing back from this position helps with “power.”)
  • When getting up from a reclining position, count to five before standing to avoid feeling light-headed and dizzy; take your time.    

Keep in mind these are only a few exercises or considerations.  Most exercises require supervision to avoid injury, especially if doing them for the first time.  Consult your physician if necessary for medical clearance when starting on an exercise regimen.



Lori P. Michiel is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. For more information regarding training programs contact Lori at 818-620-1442


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