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Assisted Living Communities Checklist

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Please use the following checklist to assist you in comparing assisted living communities. Ideally, both caregiver and care recipient will be involved in the selection process. It will make the adjustment to a new environment easier, and help your loved one continue to be part of the planning process.

Evaluating the Assisted Living residence as you tour the facility.

  • Do you like the location and outward appearance of the facility?

  • On entering, is your first impression that of an attractive, home-like atmosphere?

  • Does the residence appear clean, free of odors, and is there climate control for heat and cooling?

  • How did Staff greet you?

  • Do the residents appear to be happy and comfortable?

  • Were you given an opportunity to talk with some residents, and discuss how they liked the facility and the staff, and how they are treated?

  • How are the residents dressed? Are they presentable, and do they socialize with each other?

  • Does the staff appear friendly, outgoing? Do they answer questions appropriately?

  • What sort of activities are available for the residents? Do they seem appropriate for the residents?

  • What are visiting hours? Is there any restriction on when residents may receive visitors?

  • Are there recreational and community rooms? And are they free of clutter?

  • What do the residentsí rooms look like? Is there enough space to hold some favorite belongings?

  • Is there sufficient closet and storage space for each resident?

  • Are there accommodations for privacy for the residents?

  • Are all areas easily accessible with wheelchairs or walkers including doorways and hallways?


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