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Caring for Michael
13 Rules of Survival with Asperger's Disorder

By Jonathan A. Salit

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Michael can look at the TV Guide once and in the time that it takes to read it, he has memorized everything that is important for him to see for that entire time; he can give time and channel at will. “Michael, is that your empty bag of grapes in the living room?” “I guess I forgot.” (Grapes aren’t allowed in the living room.)  

12.   Change at best is difficult. Any change in schedule or food or anything else is best handled slowly and carefully. This is an area where the effort really pays off. I had told Michael I was moving the couch from the living room into his bedroom. He liked the idea and I gave him plenty of warning. Arriving home to find the couch moved, he stood there and asked where the couch was. I told him to look in his room. As he entered, he smiled, looked me straight in the eye and asked me what happened to the couch in the living room.

13.   You are their conduit to the other world. You are their life line. No one understands them as well as you do and no one can have as much influence on their lives as you can. It is an awesome, most times thankless, responsibility that I hope you appreciate and love as I do. For all you do, THANK YOU!

What is Asperger’s disorder?


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