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10 Steps to Kidney Health

Recent studies indicate that 26 million American adults suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and that the number is likely to rise unless Americans get serious about prevention. March is National Kidney Month. This is the perfect time for responsible adults to begin a kidney-health program by learning about the risk factors for CKD.

Primary risks include: diabetes; heart disease; high blood pressure; a family history of kidney disease; and age 60-plus.

Secondary risks include: obesity; autoimmune diseases; urinary tract infections and systemic infections.

Below are 10 important steps from the National Kidney Foundation to protect kidney health.

10 Ways to Keep Kidneys Healthy

  1. Exercise regularly

  2. Donít overuse over-the-counter painkillers or NSAIDs

  3. Control weight

  4. Get an annual physical

  5. Follow a healthful diet

  6. Know your familyís medical history

  7. Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol

  8. Learn about kidney disease

  9. Donít smoke or abuse alcohol

  10. Talk to your doctor about getting tested if youíre at risk for CKD

The National Kidney Foundation will also offer free kidney screenings to people at risk for CKD in a number of cities across the country on World Kidney Day (March 14, 2014). For locations and schedules, click here.

This article was is courtesy of the National Kidney Foundation.  For more information about kidney health or the foundation, visit their website at


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