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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

By Mary Damiano

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Here are some foot care tips for diabetics:

  • Keep blood sugar under control. High blood sugar makes it difficult to fight infection.

  • Donít smoke. Smoking can assist in poor circulation and therefore cause problems. According to the ADA, most diabetics who have limb amputations are smokers.

  • Thoroughly inspect feet daily for sores, calluses, dryness, or redness. If necessary, have someone help examine the feet or use a mirror.

  • Donít wear anything that constricts circulation, such as tight hose or garters..

  • Clean feet daily. Lotion is okay on cracked skin, but never use between the toes.

  • Do not soak feet or use heating pads. Because of decreased sensitivity, diabetics can burn themselves without realizing it. The safest way to make the feet warm is by wearing extra socks.

  • Always protect the feet. Diabetics should not walk barefoot.

  • Always check with the doctor before using over-the-counter remedies on calluses or warts. The chemicals in such products may be too severe for diabetics.

  • Be careful when choosing footwear. Make sure shoes fit properly. Socks should be soft and comfortable, not tight. Diabetics should not wear socks with seams or rough spots. The doctor may be consulted about footwear for the diabeticís special needs.

  • Diabetics should have their feet checked by their doctor at least once a year.


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