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Overcoming Sadness and Depression, Naturally

by David Dancu
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Sepia is a Homeopathic remedy that helps with bouts of depression from loss of sunlight, but it can be differentiated from Aurum by its grief, fatigue, sarcasm and irritability aspects. The individual needing Sepia can be indifferent, weepy, angry, overwhelmed and exhausted. 

There are many additional remedies that may be of value, based on the totality of the person and their combined symptoms rather than singular symptoms such as depression. If none of the above Homeopathics seems to be appropriate for your circumstances, put some light in your life and see a Homeopath. There is a good chance that you can get through your depression without drugs or their side effects. Of course, if you are on medication, do not discontinue without proper supervision.

All of these herbs, supplements and Homeopathic remedies can be used in conjunction with medications, generally, without causing any harm. But remember; stop dosing if an aggravation occurs, as there is no need to over stimulate depression. Once triggered the body finds its own way of rediscovering balance, even on the emotional level.

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