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Overcoming Sadness and Depression, Naturally

by David Dancu
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Brain chemistry is another factor that plays a significant part in depression. When levels of serotonin are low, many symptoms can result. These can include insomnia, depression, low confidence, anger, irritability, lack of emotional control, negativity, low energy and even a greater desire to control others. Often, low levels of serotonin correspond to either high levels of dopamine possibly causing anxiety, worry, fear, increased heart rate, aggression and inability to focus attention. High levels of acetylcholine may also be seen causing restless sleep, poor confidence, insomnia, decreased listening skills and decision-making problems.

Testing is available for evaluating brain chemistry and correcting the underlying problem. Generally, a product called 5HTP can be helpful for low serotonin levels, taken with B6 for absorption. Also consider SAMe, inositol, Folic Acid and a multi B complex at 100mg or higher, twice daily. Sometimes just a better diet can help achieve a healthful balance. It can be helpful to have an increased intake of complex carbohydrates, such as grains and pasta. It's best to maintain a balance between fats, carbohydrates and protein, although with depression, protein excess may deplete serotonin rather than increase it.

One of the most powerful, effective and curative means for re-establishing balance and restoring health is a 200-year-old healing modality called Homeopathy. My book, Homeopathic Vibrations provides a glimpse into its basic components and can assist in understanding its concepts and principles. There are specific Homeopathic remedies for depression but rarely does a Classical Homeopath look to one symptom or disharmony. Homeopathy addresses both the person and the disharmony equally, so check with a Classical Homeopath or review the remedy in a Materia Medica (a book explaining all the symptoms of each remedy) to see how it relates to the totality of symptoms, not just the depression. A couple of examples include Aurum and Sepia.

Aurum is a remedy used for depression, sadness, insecurity, anger, self-reproach, suicidal thoughts, and fears of failure, worry, tension, stress, bouts of depression from lack of sunlight and heart problems. A potency of 30c should be sufficient to determine its value. Take once, wait 4-5 days and then repeat only if no changes have occurred. Repeat only once more and if there are still no changes, consider another remedy.


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