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Your Loving Care
By Diane Bright


When I first came to live here, I was sad and weary,
For I had left my home and given up my dreams.
And, even tho it was difficult to smile,
Your shining eyes and warm hearts helped me let things go.

As I became accustomed to this place, You became
my caregivers, my housekeepers, my cooks, my activity leaders, 
my chaplains, my unconditional friends.

There were days when it was hard for me to interact,
yet You helped me bathe, helped me dress, helped me exercise,
helped me resume some resemblance of who I am.

On those days when I was sick and just couldnít get out of bed,
You brought me food, straightened my bed,
comforted me with back rubs, cleaned my room 
and Your most precious understanding.

I appreciate that this is hard, hard work that You all do 
and I want to tell you that You do it with much caring, dignity and grace. 

Yes, it was hard to give up my car, apartment, my cherished gifts,
yet in return I was given warm smiles, shared stories,
listening ears, times to giggle, a loving touch, new friends.

It has been You who have helped me in my final journey
and I know that when I depart this world,
my life will have been enriched by knowing each one of You.




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