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Tribute to Caregivers Everywhere
You are Not Alone

By Mona Newsome Wicks PhD, RN, FAAN

You offer kind words. You lift and you tug.
You bathe and you dress. You comfort and you hug. You drive and you shop.
You cook, nurse, and you clean.
You often, defer your personal dreams.
You are not alone.
You sometimes worry and you often pray.
You work first at home, and then at your job all day. You sleep very little, but you sleep when you
Sometimes you have more work, than you can possibly stand. Yet, you remain steadfast and hopeful.
You are not alone.
This month we honor you, We acknowledge your care. We acknowledge the love, That you unselfishly
Out of concern, we make these requests,
We ask that, when you are tired that you please rest. We ask you to walk, we ask you to sleep.
We ask that you healthily and regularly eat. We ask that you see your health care provider.
That you share your concerns as it is much healthier, Than isolation and proud silence.
You are not alone.
We remind you to ask for help and to weep, For tears can offer a much-needed release.
We pray for you, joy and a well-deserved peace.
Caring for others, without caring for self,
can undermine physical, spiritual, and emotional health.
You are not alone.
Your efforts are an important and an unselfish contribution. This work greatly contributes to
sustaining our nation.
We salute you and thank you for all that you do.
Most of all we wish happiness and good health to you.
You are not alone.
© Mona Newsome Wicks, November 5, 2011
For Christinetta Shelton, who cared and loved unselfishly.




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