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A Tribute to Grandparents Raising Their Grandchildren
By Rolanda T. Pyle

We would like to celebrate you for all you’ve done. For caring for your granddaughter and your grandson. You took on this awesome task that no one else could do, because no one loves and cares for your grandchild quite like you.

You had the courage to start all over again. Raising your grandchildren at an age when you thought you might retire, travel and rest. But the children needed caregivers, and they needed the best.

Some came to you in pampers and most in tears needing nurturing and someone who cares. Others came as toddlers, exploring the world on the run. You couldn’t believe this happened - after you thought that you were done.

Still others came at school age, when they needed guidance and direction. Science may have you baffled but you are great at giving affection. And some of you have teenagers, oh my, what can I say. Just keep reminding yourself that they won’t stay this way.

We know it has not been easy – often quite a heavy load.  And there have been many bumps along the road. You’ve been misunderstood, labeled and denied the services you need, often criticized and not recognized for your labor or your good deed.

But we are here to honor you who have done so much to change the lives of children with your special touch. We thank you grandparents: we thank you once, we thank you twice. And know you are appreciated for the rest of your life.

Thank you, grandparents.




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