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For Momís Caregivers

I've watched in amazement your patience and grace

Your beautiful soul is not commonplace

You listen to stories of the lives that they've led

At  night when they wander you're their guide back to bed

Yours is the hand that they hold when they get really scared

When  they wake in the night it is you who is there

When  he's shouting obscenities and being demanding

You  calmly reassure him with soft understanding

When  it gets too much for the family to bear

It's  much less painful just knowing you're there

I've  seen your humor to coax them to smile

Making  time when asked

   "Can you stay for awhile?"

I  want you to know such a soul is unique

Some  people would hide when things start to get bleak

I  pray that when I am too old to provide

I'll  have someone like you in whom I can confide

You've  treated our mom as if she were your own

       We'll  forever be grateful

        I just want you to know





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