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By Lindsay Hammon

His favorite color we never knew
Though I thought that is was blue
He loved to joke with everyone
Now he passed that down to his son
He always went hunting or fishing
While his wife was at home wishing
That he would be home to eat
While all heíll want to do is sleep
There was something strange going on
He didnít remember his own son
Worse he got as time went by
And all we wondered was why
Grandma took him to the doctor
It was really quite a shocker
Alzheimerís was the name
It took his mind, what a shame
Within years he wouldnít do anything
But just sit around and sing
He didnít know where he was
While everyone else does
As Grandma put him into bed
It was quite a dread
She knew it was bad
And she was really sad
As they exchanged glances
They remembered the chances
They had to say I love you
Those were their last words too
He now lives with God
Though that may sound odd
Heíll watch over me
And that will always be
Lindsay was thirteen when she wrote this
poem to remember her Grandpa.




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