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ARTICLES / Care Verses/ CHAMPIONS WITH A CAUSE: An Ode to Caregivers

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An Ode to Caregivers
By Angela Shaw

A bather, a baker, a yummy meal maker.
A caregiver is this and more.
Just how much does a caregiver do?
It’s impossible to try to keep score!
A caregiver is a chef.
They can cook almost anything.
But given the choice of homemade or not,
All agree that take-out is king!
A caregiver is a coach.
Who keeps you in the game.
Sometimes they may seem bossy,
But they love you just the same.
A caregiver is an EMT.
They can fix any cut, scrape or bruise.
They respond to every emergency,
As if they had something to lose.

A caregiver is a soldier.
They defend, protect, and serve.
A heartfelt smile is their greatest reward,
But a medal they really deserve!
A caregiver is a chauffeur.
To appointments through traffic they’ve fought.
Speed barriers they break to get there on time.
And somehow they never get caught!
But most of all...
A caregiver is a trusted friend.
Who’ll listen, encourage, console.
And caring for their loved one,
Is their honor and ultimate goal.





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