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Cara Mia

By Frank Marsden

If by some miracle I could talk to you
I would have a million things to say
And yet I know you wouldnít hear a word of mine
Because you have gone so far away
By now you have crossed countless miles
Of mountains, land and sea
Our precious Lord has taken you
So far, far away from me
I talk often to your lovely portrait
From what I believe is the depths of my soul
When Iíve told you how much I still love you
I sense somehow that my heart has been broken
And never again will be whole
I am advised by many that life goes on
And I must admit that is true
But it offers me no comfort as
I cannot envision my life going on
If it means going on without you
I know you can tell from my first line
That my wishes are quite in vain
And I should be thinking the Lord
For freeing you from you bed of constant pain
And with his promise of eternal life
Our loving spirits will be entwined again
This poem was written for my mom, who has end-stage lung cancer

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