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50 Disorderly Years
By Diane Guthrie

One doesn’t know it’s an “I”
Two says “No”
Three erupts teeth
Four begins to remember
Five gets socialized
Six learns ABC’s
Seven reads and writes
Eight likes to cooperate
Nine has pneumonia
Ten learns to keep secrets
Eleven moves to Australia
Twelve begins to bloom
Thirteen knows all
Fourteen feeds a hollow leg
Fifteen learns to drive
Sixteen isn’t sweet
Seventeen gets a job
Eighteen focuses on hair
Nineteen begins career one
Twenty leaves home
Twenty-one drinks legally
Twenty-two collects conquests
Twenty-three births child one
Twenty-four goes on welfare
Twenty-five works for degree
Twenty-six starts career and child two
Twenty-seven gets married
Twenty-eight buys a house
Twenty-nine has child three
Thirty is in debt
Thirty-one works in high tech
Thirty-two saves for college
Thirty-three has TMJ
Thirty-four starts therapy and braces
Thirty-five hikes 90 miles in five days
Thirty-six opens an IRA
Thirty-seven joins Toastmaster’s
Thirty-eight survives son driving
Thirty-nine pays lots of insurance
Forty collects family history
Forty-one self-publishes a book
Forty-two creates documentaries
Forty-three reaps riches from Y2K panic
Forty-four travels and dallies
Forty-five grieves death of father
Forty-six fears husband’s heart disease
Forty-seven realizes Mom has Alzheimer’s
Forty-eight accepts being artistic
Forty-nine learns to write better
Fifty gets published




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