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Lessen The Squeeze: Caregiver Coping Skills

By Carolyn K. Schultz

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Learn to Set Limits

Some of the same skills and strategies you use at work such as planning, organizing, communicating, setting limits and delegating can be used effectively on the home-front for achieving a satisfying, fulfilling and well-balanced life both personally and professionally.

Although those of us sandwiched between care for our children and care for our parents cannot change this fact, we can do a better job of preparing for the job of caring for our parents before the need arises. 


Carolyn K. Schultz is Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC) and has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. As a long-term care insurance specialist with MassMutualís Oklahoma agency, Carolyn has been helping individuals and families understand the complex world of long-term care planning since 1997. You can reach Carolyn via e-mail at or by calling 918-524-6342.


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