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Caregivers Challenge:
Finding Daycare Options

By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

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Caregivers who are just beginning their journey may feel day care services are for later stages of their loved one’s situation. The sooner caregivers locate and enroll their family member in a program, the greater the benefit for all concerned. Finding the appropriate day care can be challenging, but has grown much easier over time.

More adult day care centers are popping up in different areas. You may begin to notice more of them than you did previously, which expands options for places to start.

Well meaning family and friends may have suggested day care, using a variety of rationales that can sometimes border on invasive. If you are the primary caregiver, take the suggestions into consideration, while firmly stopping anything that makes you uncomfortable. But, take the opportunity to tell everyone offering advice that when you are ready to look for a site, you will appreciate their help.

The concerns you may have about quality of care and cost are valid. The intangible concerns of whether it is the “right” decision may require more thought and even some counseling through local support groups. You must feel comfortable about your choice to utilize day care to enhance your relationship with your loved one, and improve their day-to-day experience.

Once you come to the decision that day care will enhance your loved one’s experiences and offer you peace of mind, you can begin looking for facilities to meet your needs.

National organizations are especially helpful if your loved one spends time with family out of your area. See Begin by learning which resources are state managed. A consumer guide is available to help navigate the options.

The Alzheimer’s Association has care resources, a zip code locator for the division serving your area, and other service friendly carriers to help with your search. Their section on adding caregiving skills can be utilized to help caregivers manage their experience before and after the loved one has entered a suitable day care environment. Since caregiver and loved one’s needs change after daycare placement, evaluating caregiving skills diminishes stress levels. Find them at Do navigate the entire site to find hidden gems that will enhance your creativity in searching for options.

Your city and county guides online will connect you with day care centers. Some facilities are privately owned and operated, and will be found through phone directories or advertisements. Interview every facility to your comfort level, remembering that you will eventually need to make a decision.

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