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Caregiver Stress

By Kathy Bosworth

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  • Keep your sense of humor. It’s the most important tool you have and it’s free. Humor can be found in the most surprising places, even hospitals and nursing homes. Laughter is good for the soul.

  • Know your limitations! Don’t let guilt get in the way of making the best decision for your family member and yourself. Not everyone can be a caregiver no matter how good their intentions might be. If you cannot be a caregiver due to an emotional, physical, financial or locational burden, you do have choices. You cannot help another if you yourself need help. The medical needs might warrant the need for assisted living or long term care. If you must find alternative living arrangements, make sure they are ones you can live with and serve the best interest of your loved one! Stay involved and vigilant that the care remains good.

Caregiving is a huge responsibility. Keeping the caregiver healthy— physically, mentally, and emotionally — is vital. Try to find the right balance in your life that allows you to care for your loved one while caring for yourself.

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Kathy Bosworth is the author of “Your Mother has Suffered a Slight Stroke.” See

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