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When MS Means Mighty Stubborn

By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

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Relationships can have time stolen from them in many ways. As dialogue progresses, an MS patient may find that asking for help increases time with the caregiver. Both parties may find that having someone come in to help with the AM or PM routine would allow for less stress on the caregiver, who may feel they have to “do it all.”

Doing something as a team isn’t confined to one task. Laundry, helping kids with homework, making phone calls can be team centered. The myth that once an individual is diagnosed means an uphill battle for who does what can be destroyed one demand at a time.

Quizzes, lists, and help topics only go so far in addressing root issues. You or your loved one may not enjoy this type of dialoguing, but it is worth a try, if you phrase it in the context of conversation (if that style works better for you).


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